Mikrobiol. Z. 2019; 81(2):36-40.
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/microbiolj81.02.036

Biological Method for Prevention Grown Gall in Horticulture

Lemanova N.1, Magher M.2

1Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection
26 Lesnaja Str., Kishinev, 2060, Republic of Moldova

2Institute of Horticulture and Food Production
14 Costiujeni Str., Kishinev, 2019, Republic of Moldova

Crown gall is a widespread disease of cultivated culture all over the world. The bacterial pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciense (Smith and Towns.) colonize the xylem vessels of the plants. The tumors form in stems and roots of fruits culture. Large tumours may death of new plants in the nursery and in the plantation. Aim. Development of measures to controle crown-gall is carried out in direction for obtaining tumorless plants at the expens of preventive treatment of woundings so as to deteriorate the interaction of pathogen with the cell of host plant. Methods. The strain of soil inhibiting Pseudomonas fluorescens CNMN-PsB-04 (Colecţia natională microorganisme nepatogene Moldova) can synthesize the substances (bacteriocins) with preventing activity to nopaline and octopine strains of pathogenic agrobacteria. Liquid concentrate suspension of this bacteria – biological preparat “Paurin” – were applicated for preplanting treatment of rooted saplings. Results. Using “Paurin” to treat apple MM-106 wilding prior to planting into fruit nursery allowed to decreases the outcome of apple saplings affected by crown gall down to 2–2.5%. Bacteria-antagonist is capable to compete with soil microflora and get reliably fixed in rhizosphere without phytotoxicity, which is rather advantageous for using biological control against repeate inoculation with crown gall pathogen. Сonclusion. The received results testify that the biopreparat “Paurin” can be applied successfully to prelanding bacterization of root system vegetative sets apple rootstocks and seedlings of stoun fruit.

Keywords: grown gall, bacterial strain, biological control.

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