Mikrobiol. Z. 2017; 79(3):65-71. Ukrainian.
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/microbiolj79.03.065

Biochemical Activity of Typical Chernozem in Different Farming Systems

Tsyuk О.А., Kyrylyuk V.I., Yushchenko L.P.

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukrainee
13 Heroyiv Oborony Str., Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Goal. The study of the soil biological activity in terms of enzyme activity, processes of amonifcation and nitrifcation in typical black soil of Lesosteppes of Ukraine. Methods. The protease, catalase and phosphatase activities were determined by D.G. Zvyagintsev, the amonifcation and nitrifcation soil ability were determined by E. N. Mishustn’s methods. Results. The most activity of soil enzymatic complex and nitrogen transformation processes was observed in ecological farming systems. Industrial farming system inhibits enzymatic activity and nitrifcation and amonifcation ability of the soil. Conclusions. The increasing of enzyme activity and high activity of biochemical processes of nitrogen transformation promotes to formation of high biological activity of typical black earth under ecological agricultural systems.

Key words: enzyme complex, soil nitrifcation ability, amonifcation ability, farming system, the typical black earth.

Full text (PDF, in Ukrainian)

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