Mikrobiol. Z. 2017; 79(2):95-102.
doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/microbiolj79.02.095

Screening and Characteristic of Regulators of Antibiotic Biosynthesis in Streptomyces

Matselyukh B.P., Lavrenchuk V.Y., Bambura O.I.

Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NAS of Ukraine
154 Akad. Zabolotny Str., Kyiv, 03143, Ukraine

The aim was to study the new regulators of antibiotic biosynthesis and sporulation in Streptomyces. Methods include thin layer chromatography, spectrophotometry and mass determination by HPLC/MS using ESI and APCI techniques. Results. Forty eight strains of streptomycetes isolating from soils of different regions of Ukraine were studied on the possibility to produce the regulators of antibiotic biosynthesis and morphogenesis by means of two test-systems – mutant strains of Streptomyces globisporus 1912-B2 and S. griseus 1439, losing the ability to synthesize the antibiotics landomycin E and streptomycin, correspondingly, as well to form the spores.
Investigating streptomycetes were divided on three groups: 31 strains (62 %) restored the ability of both mutants to produce the antibiotics and spores, 17 strains (35 %) did not possessed above mentioned biological activity, and only one strain (2 %) produced regulator restoring antibiotic activity and morphogenesis in the strain 1439.
The individual compounds were isolated and purified from agar cultures of the strains of the first group K4 and TR144 by means of thin layer chromatography restoring antibiotic biosynthesis and morphogenesis in the test-strains 1912-B2 and 1439. Both compounds were characterized by the same Rt (2,34 min) and maximum of absorption (255 nm), and have molecular weights (m/z) 136 and 155, correspondingly.
Conclusions. Two related compounds producing by different Streptomyses strains K4 and TR144 and restoring antibiotic biosynthesis and sporulation in test mutant strains were purified and some of their properties (Rf, maxima of absorption and m/z) were characterized.The next study of the isolated regulators by means of NMR will give the possibility to elucidate their molecular structures.

Key words: Streptomyces globisporus 1912-B2, S. griseus 1439, soil streptomycetes, transcriptional regulators.

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